Gama Sonic 9iD50800

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Solar Pillar Commercial Bollard

Add definition and architectural interest to your outdoor space. With its stunning modern styling and cutting-edge Bi-Facial Solar Panel Technology, the Gama Sonic Solar Pillar is the perfect high-performance, double-sided bollard for your home or business. At the flip of a switch, choose from High or Low Settings, Bi-Directional or Mono-Directional Light, and Stair-Stepped, Motion-Sensitive Output. With automatic dusk to dawn operation, its 40 SMD LEDs provide warm-white (3000K) light.

  • Choose from High or Low Settings. At the flip of a switch, you can choose from high (maximum output), low (economy output), or off settings on your lamp.
  • Illuminates with Up to 500 Lumens of Light. When set to high, it shines at 500 lumens from one side or 250 lumens on both sides of the lamp for a total maximum output of 500 lumens for up to 2 nights duration.
  • Shines for Up to 4 Days When Fully Charged. When set to low, it shines at 250 lumens from one side or 150 on both sides of the lamp for a total maximum output of 250 lumens for up to 4 days duration.
  • Bi-Directional or Mono-Directional Light. You can toggle either side of the Solar Pillar on or off, making it incredibly flexible for your design needs.
  • Stair-Stepped, Motion-Sensitive Output. The light will turn on automatically at dusk and shine for 4 hours at its brightest setting. After 4 hours, it will dim to a lower setting. When it detects motion through its PIR sensor, after the first 4 hours it will brighten to the maximum lumen output possible for its settings for 30 seconds.


Extra Information

Part #:
LED Color:
Translucent Solar Panel Technology & Bi-facial Solar Panel Technology
Lumens on High:
Up to 500
Lumens on Low:
Up to 250
Li-Ion 6.4V-6,000mA
Motion Detection:
Detection Area: 30FT / Angle: 160°
Light Duration on Low:
Up to 24 hours
Light Duration:
Up to 48 hours
Solar Panel:
Power Source:
Monocrystalline solar cell
31.25” H x 8.75” L x 3.5” W