Metal Halide

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Metal Halide Ballasts

Metal halide lighting has become a core and almost essential part of hardware for many industrial businesses, so it is inevitable that there is a plethora of choice when it comes to metal halide ballasts. Although at the heart of things there are only three ballast types that you need to know about and understand.

Core and Coil metal halide ballasts are currently the most common, being found in most factories, warehouses, stadiums and more. It functions using the more common magnetic core and coil technique applied in the majority of ballasts, which gives it a very high heat tolerance and allows manufacturers to produce them in a wide range of different configurations.

F-Can metal halide ballasts are much more suited to areas where a small size and lower noise output and necessary. Built to be more compact, and housed and insulated to reduce noise output, you will often find these ballasts in education, retail, and commercial buildings.

Electronic metal halide ballasts combine the best of both previously mentioned. They are incredibly versatile, compact and lightweight, and improved power regulation and therefore lumen maintenance than it's two competitors. The only downside is the increase in price. But if you are looking for the highest quality, Electronic is usually the way to go.

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