Medium Base (Standard Bulbs)

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A19 and A17 Halogen Bulbs

The A19 and A17 Halogen bulbs adopts the classical "household lightbulb" shape with the standard shape and meidum base while being up to 41% more energy efficient and having a greatly improved life time over their Incandescent equivalents. Please see the bottom of the page for a small comparison chart between these bulbs and their Incadescent competition. You may also what to consider these A19 and A17 Halogen bulbs over compact fluorescent if lighting quality is important to you, due to the much higher color rendering (CRI) achieved through Halogen technology. So why not have a browse through our range of wattages and color temperatures, all from the highest quality brand names.

Comparison Chart

Halogen - Incandescent

28 Watt = 40 Watt

43 Watt = 60 Watt

53 Watt = 75 Watt

72 Watt = 100 Watt