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About LED Bulbs


An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor device that emits light once an electrical current is passed through it. LED technology isn't new; it has been around for years, and was being regularly used back in the 1960's. It is only recently that the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, and LED lighting is now superior to all other forms of lighting in efficiency, life time and even quality.


Those are not the only advantages of LED lighting. As they do not pass electricity through a thin filament like other types of bulbs, they generate much less heat than any other form of lighting, and they are also far more durable and much more difficult to break, adding to their already long life time. They also contain no mercury, making them more environmentally friendly and less hazardous.


The fact of the matter is that LED is the future of lighting. The big change over isn't just imminent, it's already happening, and many LED bulbs are now designed to make changing over from inferior forms of lighting to new LED lights as easy and simple as possible. Despite the higher prices, light-emitting diode bulbs end up paying for themselves through their energy efficiency and extremely long life times. So have a browse through our LED products and we are sure you will find the right bulb for your needs.


Types of LED Lamps

We carry a large and growing inventory of LED Lights, including reflector floods & track lighting, standard household bulbs, vintage-look lighting, and even retrofit lamps for linear tubes or other fixtures.


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