Grow Lights

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Grow Lamps and Fixtures 

Here at iLighting we stock a range of top quality Grow Bulbs & Fixtures to help your plants grow healthy and strong! We have a selection of Compact Fluorescent fixtures from top brand names, and in our HID sub-category you will find fixtures for both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps.

When it comes to Grow Lights, different types of lighting have different benefits to plants. Compact Fluorescent lamps have a big range of color temperatures, which allows them to be more effective at different periods during a plants growth cycle. A warm white color temperature of 2700 Kelvin are much more effective during the flowering period, where as cooler temperatures of 5100 kelvin and above have a much bigger effect during the seeding and vegetative stages. Metal Halide lamps are powerful and output a bright cool white light. This results in more compact but leafy vegetative growth. Last but not least, High Pressure Sodium bulbs have a high output of warm white light, which is much better for flowering.