Gama Sonic A50BW10W

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Expected availability date is Dec 6th 2021

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GS Solar LED Light Bulb A50 Bright White (6000K)

The GS Solar LED light bulb boasts a 10-year lifespan in outdoor solar-powered lamps and light posts. The technological advanced solar light bulb replicates the conventional appearance of the traditional light bulb in a solar application.

WARNING: GAMA SONIC® Light bulbs are not to be used in other electrical sockets these are low-voltage light bulbs that are built and designed for our products only!
For the same reason, regular AC and/or Low Voltage bulbs cannot be used in Gama Sonic products.

Supported Solar Lamp Models for GS Solar LED Light Bulb A50 are:

GS-1B, GS-105B-FPW, GS-105B-SG, GS-114B-FPW, GS-98B-S, GS-98B-D-WB, GS-98B-T-WB, GS-98B-W-WB, GS-98B-P-WB, GS-98B-F