Gama Sonic F30WW05W

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GS Solar Flame Style LED Light Bulb F-37 Warm White (2700K)

Do you want to use Gama Sonic solar lights to replace your outdated gas lamps, but you still want the lovely look of a gas flame? With the new Solar Flame Style LED Light Bulb, now you can do both. This bulb fits a wide variety of our solar lights and glows with a flickering motion to precisely mimic the color, clarity, and movement of a real flame. No matter what direction you install it in, the flames will rise upwards, replicating the physics of actual fire. Decorate your outdoor areas with this solar flame style LED light bulb to create a more romantic and inviting atmosphere.

WARNING: GAMA SONIC® Light bulbs are not to be used in other electrical sockets. These are low-voltage light bulbs that are built and designed for Gama Sonic products only.

Extra Information

Part #:
Model #:
LED Color:
Warm White
Solar LED Light Bulb
Light Duration:
Up to 10 years
1.25” D x 4.25” H x 1.25” W
Color Temperature: