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HID Grow Lights

HPS High Pressure Sodium Plant Light Fixture Indoor Garden System

What You Should Know

HPS grow lights, also known as High Pressure Sodium horticulture fixtures, are very popular among those with indoor gardens, hydroponic gardens and anyone who has indoor plants that need a little extra help that they’re not getting from the sun. The HID family of bulbs consists of metal halide bulbs, high pressure sodium bulbs, low pressure sodium bulbs, and mercury vapor bulbs, which are no longer readily available on the market thanks to an EPA Act from 2005 that mercury vapor as an example to start cleaning up the environment. However, High Pressure Sodium plant lights are still available and can prove to be effective solutions for growing just about anything that you want to grow, no matter how big or small it might be.

Plants thrive in sunlight, which is why High Pressure Sodium horticulture lights are so critical to your indoor gardening success. You might get decent results with typical fluorescent fixtures but you certainly aren’t going to see the same results that you would if you took the time to truly learn about HPS grow fixtures and how it can best benefit your plants. You need to take the time to check out all of the different options that you have and come up with an effective illumination solutions for your plants’ needs. Don’t settle for what you think that you can afford simply because you don’t know about your other options. You need to learn about all of them so that you can make the best decision for the life and longevity of your plants.

When it comes to indoor gardening, many people are getting involved as a hobby or a way to enjoy fruits and vegetables year round. Many more people use indoor gardening to get their seedlings started in the early spring before planting season arrives. This is when blue light, or metal halide lights, are best. When the plants get bigger, you need to invest in a high pressure sodium hydroponic light, which gives off a red glow that plants will thrive on and use to flower or bear fruit to the best of their abilities. Learning about sodium grow fixtures and choosing the right lights for your plants is not a complicated task. It’s just something that takes a little bit of your time and effort. If you knew that an hour or two of research would give you healthier, happier plants in your indoor garden, wouldn’t you do the work so that you could reap the rewards?

Monthly Specials For September

400W Switchable HID HPS-MH Grow Light Sun System 2 - 900504
400 Watt High Pressure Sodium Metal Halide Plant Fixture This one piece 400W plant light is perfect for indoors gardens. Best of all, it include
$198.95  $191.50
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250W Switchable HID HPS-MH Grow Light Sun System 2 - 900503
250 Watt High Pressure Sodium Metal Halide Plant Fixture This one piece 250W plant light is perfect for indoors gardens. Best of all, it inclu
$207.00  $190.00
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