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HPS Ballasts

High Pressure Sodium Ballast

HPS Ballast

If you have a home security lighting system, or an indoor garden, chances are that you use High Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS Lamps) somewhere in or around your home. HPS lighting fixtures are generally found in outdoor flood lamps, in street lights, or in hydroponic and aeroponic indoor gardens. These lamps are an excellent light source for a long lasting bright light. Unfortunately, they won't run forever. Like any type of electrical equipment, high pressure sodium lamps will need occasional maintenance. The most common part of an HPS lighting fixture that needs to be replaced will be the ballast.

It's easy to tell when your high pressure sodium light ballast begins to fail. The whole purpose of it is to provide the HPS bulb with a steady current, so if your light begins flickering, even with a new bulb, then it is definitely a good idea to take a closer look. If you think your sodium ballast is dying on you, then you'll probably need to get a replacement in the form of a high pressure sodium ballast kit. These kits are readily available, and very easy to install.

Before you buy a replacement sodium light ballast, you will need to know the wattage rating of the lamp you are repairing. HPS fixtures come in a range of styles and wattage ratings or ANSI code, but this number should be marked on the lamp. If it's not, you can always look on the chart below for your lamp model. Most houses run on 120 volts, so that is usually the standard rating. Once you know the wattage on your lamp, then you can buy a ballast kit that will match it.

Buying a kit and constructing your own fixture can be a much cheaper alternative than purchasing a fully constructed model. To put an HPS luminaire together, you won't need many parts. You'll only need your replacement HPS light ballast, a transformer, a capacitor, an igniter, and a socket. If you are handy and good with electricity and intend to use your HPS lamp as a grow light for an indoor garden, then constructing your own unit is also a great alternative to shopping in a more expensive completed units. A high pressure sodium kit should include the information you need for wiring it. Just be sure that after installation you don't leave any exposed wires and the unit is properly grounded. Always consult with a qualified electrician and remember safety is the most important thing.

After you install the kit, you should always test it. If you've done it correctly, the bulb should glow almost immediately. If you've made a mistake, it's probably that nothing will happen. However, if your bulb does not turn on, be sure to wait at least five minutes before you try again. The capacitor holds electricity, and if you discharge it incorrectly, then you risk injuring yourself through electrical shock.

High pressure lamp ballasts for any HID fixture are easy to find, and they're the most important part of your light. A well maintained bulb will last nearly 20,000 hours, and they're the most energy efficient solution for outdoor flood lamps, and indoor gardening lamps.