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HPS Lamps

High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulbs are an excellent solution to many of your lighting needs. HPS bulbs are ideal in gardening and hydroponic lighting apparatus because they produce their own heat source and they also give off a yellow light, great for situations where color rendition is important. Plants love these bulbs because they simulate real sunlight conditions and encourage photosynthesis. The only more efficient indoor lamp is a low-pressure sodium light bulb, but these bulbs do not produce the same quality of color rendition as HPS and can be less effective in lighting applications where color rendition is a large concern. High Pressure Sodium lamps do however, remain among some of the most energy-efficient bulbs available on the market today.

Although HPS lighting fixtures are not the lightest-weight solution when it comes to power consumption, they convert a whopping 50% of the energy they consume into usable light and are highly efficient choices when it comes to lighting requirements.

High Pressure Sodium bulbs are gas-discharge bulbs which use sodium in an excited state along with mercury to produce light. HPS lights are a unique light sources which require the aid of a ballast both to start the lights and to regulate the amount of voltage which is allowed to flow into the bulb. When first struck, high pressure sodium bulbs produce a warm colored glow, as the sodium begins to warm, they gradually shift downward along the color spectrum into a buttery yellow. They are widely used as streetlights or security lights due to their high intensity and the fact that they last so long. Towards the end of the life for high pressure sodium bulbs they tend to produce a cycling effect. This is caused by a lack of sodium in the arc. The highly reactive sodium element is easily lost over time. This results in higher than normal amounts of voltage being required to run the bulbs. When the amount of voltage surpasses what can be supplied by the operating ballast, the lights will shut off until they cool. Once cooled the lamps turn on again, but this cycling will continue until the bulb is replaced. Replacement high pressure sodium bulbs are not difficult to find, you just need to be aware of the amount of watts required and have a general idea of the size and other variations of bulb you will be requiring.

If you are looking for HPS bulbs to replace your current non-sodium lighting application you may also want to consider changing your fixtures, ballasts and the rest of your light kit to a high pressure sodium solution. There are devices on the market which will support HPS and other forms of light but they can be more expensive and are often not needed unless you are on an intensive growing operation require varying degrees of light intensity and rendition. If you are setting up your first lighting application and are considering high pressure sodium bulbs as your solution, you are on the right track and we hope to answer any questions you might have about high pressure sodium bulbs.

Monthly Specials For October

Senlite LU1000/ET25 1000W HPS S52 Light Bulb Clear | Mogul Base
1000 Watt High Pressure Sodium HID Light Bulb | LU1000/ET25 The Senlite LU1000/ET25 HPS light bulb is the perfect replacement for the Philips
$46.95  $29.90
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Senlite LU250/ET18 | 250 Watt ANSI S50 High Pressure Sodium Lamp
250W HPS HID Clear Mogul Light Bulb The Senlite LU250/ET18 lamp is the perfect replacement for the Philips Ceramalux C250S50/ALTO and ot
$18.95  $11.90
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Senlite LU150/ED23.5 150W High Pressure Sodium Light Bulb Mogul
150 Watt HPS HID Light Bulb | LU150/MOG The Senlite LU150/ED23.5 HPS light bulb is the perfect replacement for the Philips Cermalux C150S55/Al
$16.95  $11.90
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