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HPS Fixtures

High Pressure Sodium Lighting Commercial Outdoor Fixture

What You Should Look For:

High pressure sodium lighting fixture options are pretty varied when it comes to using them for your growing needs. There is something for just about everyone, and finding the best HPS light isn't going to be much of a challenge at all. HPS lights come in many different wattage and sizes, so you will need to think about what you're growing and how much light you need. In order to pick the best high pressure sodium fixture, you need to know what your options are, and what type of lighting you need for your specific use. There are many different types of lights for growing, and they all serve their own different purpose. These bulbs are a part of the HID (high intensity discharge) fluorescent family. They are a great plant light, and choosing the best one is quite simple.

A high pressure sodium lights will generally hold between 1 and 4 bulbs, depending on the model that you choose. These bulbs work by using Xenon inside of them to avoid interfering with the chemical reactions that are taking place to light the tube. Mercury and sodium combine to create illumination that is of a yellow-amber glow to promote growth in plant life of all kinds. Using a ballast with these bulbs is critical, so that they do not explode from the sudden surge of power. The good news is that even though they might be a little on the pricey side, high pressure sodium lights can last for over 20,000 hours.

One great way to know when it is time to replace your high pressure sodium lamps is to watch for when the high pressure sodium lights starts turning off and on by itself. It does this as a precaution, because the ballast cannot handle the voltage required to power an old bulb that needs changed. When it gets overwhelmed, it shuts down and the bulb turns off. Then, when it has cooled completely, the fixture will come back on.

Choosing the right HPS fixture isn't really that complicated. You can look at all of the different models and determine which one best suits your growing needs, no matter how big or small they may be. You should always make sure that you follow the rules of indoor and/or hydroponic growing and have adequate illumination per square foot of plants that you have. Some plants will require more illumination, while others might get away with using less. Make sure that you choose the right model so that your plants get the light that they need, and try to keep similar plants together. That way, you can use one fixture for many plants, and not have to invest in more than one high pressure sodium light fixture if you don't need to. Many fixtures are only rated for a specific amount of watts, and you will be risking a lot by using a high pressure sodium light fixture that isn't rated for the amount of light that you need. That's really all there is to choosing your hps fixtures.

We offer a complete line of high pressure sodium grow lights and high pressure sodium ballast models.

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High Pressure Sodium Black Post Top Coach Outdoor Light
Exterior HPS Street Pole Mount Lantern Yard or Parking Lot Fixture Housing | Black Polycarbonate Lamp | HPS Bulb Included (Please choos
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Incon 50 Watt High Pressure Sodium Post Top Coach Black Fixture
50W Outdoor HPS Street Pole Mount Lantern Light The 85565-50H 50W HPS Coach Lantern is an economical fixture designed to light pathways, your
$145.95  $119.95
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Incon 70 Watt High Pressure Sodium Post Top Coach Black Fixture
This 70W HPS Coach Lantern is an economical fixture designed to light pathways, your yard and parking lots. The fixture includes a free LU70/M
$145.95  $119.95
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